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Endangered Recipes: Too Good to Be Forgotten

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Table of Contents Luca's Limoncello Red Chile Sauce Sunday Suppers

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  • over 100 treasured recipes
  • kitchen wisdom tips and tricks
  • recipe rescuer profiles
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  • tips on collecting your own family recipes
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Endangered Recipes: Too Good to Be Forgotten

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About the Book

If you have ever waited for grandma's dinner rolls to come out of the oven, enjoyed a neighbor's family recipe for kimchee, or sipped lemonade on a back proch you'll find just what you are yearning for in this book. Endangered Recipes evokes the feeling of returning home to the aroma of your favorite dish. From Welsh Rarebit to Banana Pudding, Endangered Recipes reflects the diversity of the world's culinary tastes. In addition to the recipes Robling fills the book with her own memories and stories — revealing how a recipe for Triple Sin Brownies nearly destroyed a marriage, taking us along New Mexican cantina on a rainy day to enjoy a bowl of posole and red chile sauce, and introducing a man obsessed with heirloom apples. An easy-to-use reference section provides practical information to get you started on recording your own family food genealogy. Endangered Recipes is a treasure for all generations as Robling taps into our collective food memory bank.

About the Author

Lari Robling is a food writer and producer of WHYY FM's Fit series. She produced A Chef's Table radio show and was a segment producer for Season Seven of Epicurious on the Discovery Channel. She has developed recipes for the test kitchens of magazines and food companies. Robling lives in Philadelphia.

From Publishers Weekly

Robling, a regular contributor to the radio show A Chef's Table, has assembled a beautifully designed collection of 80 recipes for foods that have faded into culinary obscurity. The author believes that "the nostalgic memories created by food are, without a doubt, the most evocative and compelling of all." Therefore, "all these foods must be saved." From simple entries like Tomato Soup and Marshmallows to comforting favorites like Parker House Rolls and Crockpot Apple Butter, many of the recipes are sure to evoke warm memories for most readers. Photographs by Mark Thomas are both enticing and affectionately kitschy. Chapter organization is somewhat illogical, however; readers searching for a homey dessert might not know whether to look in Sunday Suppers, Messy Food, or Home Before Dark. But with such an eclectic mix, that's understandable-and the exploration required to find just the right recipe is like taking a stroll back through the decades.

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Review From Amazon.com

Traditional recipes, handed down from generation to generation, are the basis of this American recipe book. Attractively presented in a slightly retro style, it is a celebration of American cooking at its best. Reflecting the country's diverse heritage it includes recipes such as Irish Colcannon, Korean steak on fire, Kibbeh and a whole host of Italian and Jewish influenced cooking. Each recipe is accompanied by an introduction to its background, adding a personal touch to this collection of homely, tasty dishes: brownies and pies, soups and stews, bread and icecreams, drinks and even dog biscuits! Charmingly and amusingly written by author Lari Robling and attractively illustrated with both photographs and drawings throughout, it is an all-American treasure trove of culinary ideas and information. A charming compote of comfort cooking, this is for all lovers of home-baking with an American twist. - Lucy Watson