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About Lari

Lari Robling

The two things I love most are good writing and good food. Happily for me, I discovered I could do both at the same time!

My food career had its early beginnings as a home ec teacher for the visually impaired. Later I decided to become a food professional and worked for caterers and restaurants. It was through my catering business that I landed my first job in a test kitchen for a small health food publication, Delicious! magazine. From there I began a freelance career as a food stylist and food consultant.

The writing part was a little more difficult to add, but eventually the opportunities opened up. I really do see a recipe as story to tell. I've studied creative non-fiction with three wonderful teachers: William Least Heat-Moon; Lauren Cowen; and Rachel Simon. Read their books, too!

Currently, I am working on a healthy food project for WHYY called Fit. It gives me a wonderful opportunity to meet all sorts of great home cooks and professional chefs. Some of the terrific recipes in the book came from them. It also allows me to tell some incredible local stories from Philadelphia about healthy access to food, and what our community is doing to promote good health. You can listen to some of the stories and find hundreds more recipes by going to www.whyy.org/fit.