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Be a Recipe Rescuer

I hope lots of you want to become recipe rescuers, and the best way to do that is to connect with other home cooks. So, start a Recipe Rescuer Book Club and you can exchange recipes, have tastings, and troubleshoot the dishes that need tweaking. Register your club with me and you'll be eligible to enter contests, drawings and lots of other good things! And, I'll be available to drop into your meetings by phone.

How to Start a Club

Pick a regular time to meet that is easy to remember such as the first Wednesday or the second Saturday. Once a month is usually good timing, but you can meet less often. Just make sure to send out reminders two weeks ahead of time.

Decide where you will meet. It's easiest to rotate houses but don't overlook public places such as libraries and bookstores.

Plan a recipe exchange each month. Have everyone bring enough copies of a favorite recipe to swap with each member plus one for a club master recipe notebook. (You know someone is going to lose a favorite, don't you?)

Refreshments can be as elaborate as you want from simple snacks, to dessert or dinner. Just keep it simple enough that it doesn't seem like a burden. It's nice to showcase several of the recipes being swapped.

Allow enough time for everyone to talk about their recipe-- Where did it come from? What's special about it? What memories do you have? What tricks or techniques does the recipe use? Are there special ingredients?

Also allow time for members to talk about recipes that aren't working for them. Maybe someone knows how to make that dish or something similar.Perhaps someone recalls an aunt that used to make it and can help troubleshoot. Go through the tips in the Endangered Recipe chapter, "Passing Down the Plate".

Your club can be as simple or elaborate as works for you. There are lots of opportunities to use your club for fundraisers for your PTA, church group, or other organization. Let me know what innovative ideas you come up with and we'll let other Recipe Rescuer Clubs know about your great idea.

Let the food editor of your local paper know about your club. They can be helpful letting others know about your meetings and events.

To become a recipe rescuer:

    1.  E-mail larirob@gmail.com.
    2. Type register in the subject text field.
    3. Provide me with your name, where
    your club is, and the number of members.